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Set like a gem in the crown of South America, nestled on the North-Eastern shoulder, defying the raging Atlantic Ocean, Guyana's many waterways reflect the source of it's name "The Land of Many Waters"
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Dear Mr President,

I decided to send you this open letter, hoping and praying fervently that its contents will be taken seriously, so as to allow for immediate action to follow, all in the interest of this nation you have the privilege to lead.

It is axiomatic - the situation in Guyana is fraught with many imponderables and dangers.

No one who is perceptive or those who have looked around at earlier and recent experiences will doubt that testing times are around the corner. No one can deny that immorality is eating away the fabric of our society.

As a people, for whatever reason, we distrust the ‘other' people. Globally, hate and terror are adding fuel to this.

You have, with sincerity, no doubt, put in place, a number of measures intended to steady the Ship of State and bring happiness to our people. However, some of these measures are inadequately executed and poorly managed, while others are merely cosmetic.

This is not the time to point fingers, save to accept our society is experiencing some degree of duplicity, and what was once described, with due respect to our ancestors, as political tribalism.

What we need urgently is change, a societal metamorphosis, in order to foster the spirit of brotherhood, love, understanding and tolerance.

I am proposing you set in motion a long-term plan, intended to effect these changes. It is an all-embracing programme of character education in all of our educational institutions and communities. This will be a tedious, but rewarding process. A start must be made without delay.

It is not difficult to bring together experienced persons, academics, educators, cultural and religious representatives to make proposals in the context of our circumstances.

If political leaders are serious about our welfare, then to divert our resources and energies at this junction will be a worthy investment.

Many institutions and some religious bodies abroad I know are willing to make available their experience and expertise.

We can mobilise the skills needed and perhaps begin with a fair-sized pilot project, at the same time making better use of our far from prefect mass media.

Excellency, some of our existing institutions, including those dealing with integrity, race and religion, have not made a significant difference, and the recent poor handling of security is certainly not helpful.

As the leader of this nation it will be irresponsible if you either ignore or delay implementation of this proposal. I say the same to all of our leaders. It is hardly necessary for me to say how much many like-minded citizens will be willing to help.

Further, it is a project that should earn the appreciation of every political, religious and social groupings, also of every decent and caring citizen. Indeed, it can be the catalyst and the great unifying force we need at this time.

Today, we ought not to ignore our drift to the precipice of social deceit, with sections of our population wilting under the pressure of a moral and spiritual illness.

Just in case you hesitate, please accept this – all men are endowed by the Creator with a natural tendency to seek beatitude. This tendency may lie dormant or perverted, but it cannot be eradicated.

Mayor Hamilton Green

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