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Friday, April 21, 2006
No word on Jagdeo, Corbin talks

There was no word on outcome of Wednesday's talks between President Bharrat Jagdeo and Leader of the Opposition Robert Corbin yesterday.

At a press conference yesterday, Corbin refused to go into details about the meeting, referring reporters to a joint statement that was supposed to have been issued later in the day.

At 10 pm Stabroek News was informed that the statement would no longer be forthcoming.

However, while Corbin did not go into the details, he did say that the conditions that would attend any extension of the life of the government would be aimed at preventing the government from indulging in excesses. A limit on government spending was expected to have been one the conditions, in order to prevent the ruling party from abusing its remaining time in office during the campaign period.

In this vein, Corbin criticised a $3B supplementary provision that was being sought by the government.

He called it "an obnoxious" supplementary provision and a "deliberate attempt" to raid the treasury and to manipulate the reserves for partisan political gain. "I was taken aback after such a healthy meeting yesterday [Wednesday], government attempted to proceed with such a provision," he said, while expressing the hope that the government would not go ahead with it. Corbin said he had been trying to contact President Jagdeo to clarify the issue but he was unsuccessful.

Later, the PNCR supported the allocations after almost two hours of private talks between the government and opposition at the start of the sitting of the National Assembly.