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Canada says:
No request yet for help in Sawh murder probe
REJEAN Beaulieu, a spokesperson for Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs, yesterday said despite public reports that Guyana is asking other countries for help, the Canadian government has yet to receive a request from Guyana for assistance in the investigation into the murder of acting Agriculture Minister Satyadeow Sawh, two siblings and his security guard.

"If there is a request made for assistance in the criminal investigation, it will be forwarded to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for consideration," he told The Mississauga News in Canada.

Minister Sawh’s brother Rajpat Rai Sawh and sister Pulmatie Persaud who were slain with him when a heavily-armed gang stormed his house early last Saturday morning, were Canadian citizens and there is wide interest in the Guyanese-Canadian community in the case that has sent shockwaves around Guyana and internationally.

Persaud's family in Erin Mills (a district in Mississauga), including husband Bob and two sons Adrien and Ian, all boarded a plane to Guyana Monday night to attend the funeral for her and her brothers yesterday, The Mississauga News reported.