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-Commonwealth Special Envoy

The Commonwealth Secret-ary-General's Special Envoy to Guyana, Sir Paul Reeves says the murders of Agriculture Minister Satyadeow Sawh and three others last weekend constitute an attack on the future of all Guyanese.

And noting that Guyana stands at a critical moment in its history, Sir Paul asserted that "it will take unity to face down those responsible for this atrocity and the violent crimes that threaten to rob Guyana of a strong, vibrant and democratic future."

"I am profoundly distressed and outraged by the killing of Minister Satyadeow Sawh and three others last Saturday. I must extend my deepest condolences to the family and the friends of those killed, but also to the people of Guyana who have lost a dedicated public servant," the statement said.

Sir Paul echoed the joint statement made by the international diplomatic missions in Georgetown and also supported the call for all citizens to assist the police investigations. He said further that as someone who "has met with the people of Guyana many times and who considers himself a close friend of Guyana, I am concerned by violent crime and recent alarming incidents."

The Commonwealth Special Envoy also pointed out that violence cannot be tolerated and he vigorously condemned it in all instances. As others have commented this week, he observed, "violence only leads to division and undermines the foundations for a prosperous democratic Guyana, something which the Guyanese people have struggled too hard and too long to build."

However, he said he was heartened by the unity in which the voices from all areas of leadership in Guyana have come together to condemn this attack and all forms of violence.

Sir Paul expressed his belief that the Guyanese people possess the strength and maturity necessary to come together and overcome these most fundamental challenges. "I stand by to support you in whatever way I can," he offered.

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