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Saturday, April 01, 2006
Man builds motor vehicle by hand

Stabroek News

Shelton Collins may strike you as odd if you happen to see him cruising through Georgetown in his unusual-looking motor vehicle but it moves him around quite comfortably and nothing holds him back but the rain.

For about three weeks now, Collins has been getting around in his four-wheel, open vehicle, which has features such as trafficator lights, headlamp, steering wheel, gear-changing switches, foot pedals, brakes and a music system among other things.

Collins drove into Stabroek News yesterday to share the story of how he single-handedly assembled the vehicle. Using the body of a circus car, Collins said, he added his motorcycle engine, two additional wheels and the whole works. Everything was completed in three days.

However, on his test drive in the city, Collins was picked up by the police who asked him to produce his documents. When he produced his motorcycle licence, he was set free but was told to visit the licence office. At the licence office, no one knew how to classify the vehicle.

Finally, Collins said, it was classed as a motor vehicle and he was able to use his motorcycle number CC 7843. Whenever he drives the motor vehicle, Collins said, people are left dumbfounded. He said his vehicle is being called "Crazy Frog" around the city owing to its colour and shape. But he likes it that way.

Collins, 34, is a Jack of all trades, but is a trained mechanic as well. He said that since he first became a mechanic, he has owned 24 motorcycles and 12 motorcars - all secondhand.