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Monday, April 03, 2006
Lloyd Searwar passes on
Stabroek News
Lloyd Searwar

Former diplomat and international affairs expert Lloyd Searwar died yesterday at the St Joseph's Mercy Hospital where he was recently hospitalized following a fall at his home.

Born on July 28, 1925, he was educated at Modern High School, and then at Oxford University where he read for a Diploma in Politics and Economics. Two decades later in 1971, he obtained an MA in International Relations from Sussex University.

While in later life he became best known for his expertise in international affairs, he began his working career more modestly, as a Class II clerk in the General Register Office in 1944. He subsequently transferred to what was then known as the Bureau of Public Information, the forerunner of the GIS, where he rose to become Chief Information Officer.

It was in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, that he really made his reputation, helping to formulate foreign policy, working on making Caricom a reality, and resuscitating the Non-Aligned Movement. He was eventually to achieve the rank of ambassador.

Among other things he served as Director of the UN/APEC Secretariat, which had been established by the UN and the Non-Aligned Movement to promote economic cooperation between developing countries, and he also worked as a foreign affairs advisor to Caricom.

Searwar was in addition, a teacher, initially at the Institute of International Relations, University of the West Indies, Trinidad, and later at the University of Guyana. He was also the first Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Foreign Service Institute.

He was a man of wide interests, and was one of the three founders of the Theatre Guild and its first chairman.

Stabroek News Editor-in- Chief David de Caires said Lloyd Searwar was one of Guyana's most distinguished public servants who had served the country in several capacities.

"First, as a pioneer in the field of public information and later as a diplomat, he was involved in crafting foreign policy in Guyana at a time in the 1970s when Guyana played a major role in the Non-Aligned Movement, Group of 77 and the Caribbean Community," de Caires said.

The editor-in-chief went on to say: "He was also a devout Catholic all his life. He had a special connection with Stabroek News in his later years when he wrote the Wednesday editorial and contributed work of great distinction and scholarship. We will miss him sorely and we treasure his enormous contribution to the newspaper over the years."