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Sunday, April 02, 2006
Link Bar owner shot, wounded -during armed robbery
Stabroek News
Lucius Prescott

Four men armed with hand-guns held up a D'Urban Street bar as it was preparing to close early yesterday morning, shooting the owner and robbing the patrons.

Lucius Prescott, 50, of North East La Penitence, owner of the Link Bar in D'Urban Street, was yesterday in a stable condition in a private hospital although he had lost a lost of blood and the bullet was still lodged in his neck, his son said.

An employee present at the time of the robbery said that they were packing up preparing to close the bar at around 4 am when four men, three of whom had kerchiefs tied around their faces, entered. According to a police press release yesterday, the bandits ordered everyone to lie on the floor and then confronted Prescott demanding money.

The employee told Stabroek News that the men shot Prescott after they found a police ID card while going through his pockets. "He is a police, shoot he," was the call from the men, she said.

The earnings from the night were then stuffed into a bag and given to the bandits, who also robbed the seven patrons who were still in the bar. The men made good their escape in a car.

A neighbour said he had heard a single shot, but it was more the "hollering" which caused him to look out, but all he could see was a few people gathered outside the bar.

Another woman from the area said she had passed by the bar earlier in the night and "deh had plenty cars park all outside."

When this newspaper visited the scene of the incident yesterday morning police detetives were conducting their investigations.