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Monday, April 24, 2006

How could it be robbery?
IT IS very sad that the Minister of Agriculture and his family were brutally murdered.

Condolences go out to his family and family members of those who were brutally murdered.

With that said, all Guyanese must now turn their attention to the Police Commissioner Mr.Felix and examine what he said to the press.

He said based on what the victim said, the killers asked for money and that led the Police Commissioner to say to the press that robbery was the motive for these murders at the Minister's home in LBI.

Guyana Chronicle

Well Mr.Commissioner, I have a very simple question for you Sir.

I ask you to say to the press based on what you saw at the crime scene Sir, do you believe the motive was robbery?

How on earth could you say to the press that the motive for these killings were robbery based on the brutality and the manner on how these people were gunned down.

Even if the victims say the killers asked for money and ransacked the premises to make it look like robbery is not robbery Sir.

The killers started shooting before they even entered the minister's house.

Once they entered the Minister's house they then proceeded to gun him down in cold blood.

They then placed other family members on the floor and shot their brains out.

Mr.Commissioner, Sir you know this is not robbery.

The killers or who sent the killers to kill would have us believe that by asking for money and ransacking the premises just to make it appear like robbery.

Mr.Commissioner you know the motive in this massacre is not for money and you should not have repeated this to the press.

Mr.Commissioner you know what you saw was cold blooded murders for reason other than robbery.

Please Mr.Commissioner, do not insult the little intelligence the ordinary Guyanese have on these cold blooded killings and other serious crimes.

I supported the President's confidence in you as Commissioner of Police before.

But your latest statement to the press on this massacre is very troubling.

With all due respect Mr.Commissioner, the motive for this latest massacre of this Government Minister is not robbery.

You and every Guyanese know this.

Maybe the time has come for you to step down.

I cried in shame
TODAY, I cried in shame, knowing the fact that our beloved country has been virtually taken over by criminal elements, which commit heinous crimes at will, with no chance of being apprehended. I asked myself, what has gone wrong in this country of only 750,000 people.

Today the world views us in the same light as Haiti, being lawless. What has happened in the last four years that makes this country unlivable, where a Minister of the Ruling Party, Mr. Sawh, his brother, sister and security guard were cut down by murderous thugs? Only a few weeks ago, a Master Builder, Mr. Sheermohamed, whose projects grace the skyline of Guyana, met the same fate. Not to mention, the assassination of Mr. Waddle, a member of the opposition PNC, among the many.

The Police are supposed to serve and protect. We continue to hear that no stone will be left unturned in bringing these culprits to justice. Has there been any success? Only recently the newspapers reported that over eighty percent of the murders of 2006 remained unsolved. Does this give any credence to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Police?

The people of Guyana need to feel protected and the ruling party has not done this. It is high time this government follow the path of Trinidad and Tobago and seek international policing. We just cannot wait for the next person to be murdered. There must be a change made with respect to the Minister of Home Affairs.
Mohamed M… Toronto, Canada

Remembering Minister Sawh
APRIL 22, 2006 will go down as another heartrending day in Guyana’s history as we mourn the vicious assassination of Minister of Agriculture Satyadeow Sawh and his family members.

Minister Sawh was well respected by his peers and the Guyanese Diaspora.

I shudder to think who might commit such a heinous crime and what would have been the motive behind this act.

Hopefully though, the Minister of Home Affairs Gail Teixeira and the Guyana Police Force will be able to bring the perpetrators to justice.

We cannot let such a distinguished son of our soil lose his life so violently, and let it become another cold case.
Imran Ally

Has the GPSU leader lost his stripes?
IT SEEMS as though leader of the Guyana Public Service Union, Patrick Yarde, has lost his stripes and public servants have at last seen him for what he has always been.

Many workers have been ignoring Yarde and the GPSU and it appears as though they no longer have faith in him representing them. I can now recall all the confusion during the last GPSU elections, when many workers were in favour of new leadership. I don’t know what took place then, according to news reports I saw, but it seems that many of Yarde’s opponents suspected rigging at those elections when Yarde again won. It now leaves me to wonder, because he doesn’t seem to be getting support whenever he makes calls for workers to strike.

Mr. Yarde, I believe that you should think strongly about giving up the leadership position to someone else, as you seem to have lost your hold on public servants.

Many realise that the GPSU leader will be the only one with the big salary at the end of all the trouble he incites.
Denzel King

Cowardly slaying
THE cowardly slaying of Minister of Agriculture (Ag.) Satyadeow Sawh by unknown assassins is an attempt to drive fear into Guyanese.

But Guyanese are stronger than these fools think. Is it dementia or folly that makes these assassins think that they will be getting away with their murderous deeds? I suppose with the creeping old age it must be classed as dementia.

All Guyanese stand united in hunting these political killers.

At least we do not have somebody thanking God for the senseless slaying of Minister of Agriculture (Ag.) Satyadeow Sawh!
Sean Adams