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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
At the risk of spreading false accusations, I received this email from a close friend this morning and decided to post this here for people to read and post their own conclusions regarding the recent assassination of Minister Sawh...

Mr. Ronald Waddle, Killed on the orders of Both

President Jagdeo and Dr. Luncheon

April 23, 2006

For Immediate Press Release

1. Min. Sawh served with dignity

2. He was the Inside Contact to the International Investigators

3. He spoke out on several issues such as

a) The Cocaine that was stock piled in the Presidents College,

b) The Cocaine shipment in the Molasses

c) The Cocaine Shipment on the MV Danielsen

d) The illegal activities of the Chief Justice, Narvin Chandrapaul, Henry Green, & Gajraj

4. His recent rift with Dr. Luncheon over turning wanted man Khan, led to his assassination

5. He said Caricom Diplomats are targeted by Khan and Roger and Green knows

Minister Swah was a decent and respectable member of Parliament and a dignified Minister in the Government of Guyana. It was due to his dignified standing that led to his assassination, an act which repeats itself so often.

I will recall my personal contacts with him, his manner and sense of humor, but very informative. It was with his help that we got a clearer understanding of how the Colombian Cartel operated within the Government of Guyana. He spoke out against the Cocaine stock piled at President's college, shortly before Henry Green ordered it removed and shipped to Europe. The removal of that Cocaine led to a feud between Green and Roger Luncheon's men, because it was felt that they were cut short. According to the minister, the Chief Justice tried to calm things down, but Rogers men were uncontrollable. Thus to retaliate against Green, they organize the fires which burn the dormitory of the President's College. These acts were committed as acts of retaliation, with the intent that Roger Luncheon would have fired Henry Green, it didn't happened. As in Guyana, "One hand washes the other, thus both comes clean."

Min. Sawh continues to be of significant assistance on many issues. One needed and inside contact, and that individual had to be a Cabinet Level, and he was just that dignitary. A contact was made and for several years he filled the blanks.

To be brief, on his death, he foresaw trouble coming, on Monday last he passed some sensitive information on to our agent, that information was immediately re laid to Washington, DC. I say this hear because he is dead now, and if anyone in the US Administration should read this e-mail they know of the issue raised last week, which was very sensitive.

According to Min. Sawh, he asked the President to Have Dr. Luncheon turn in wanted man Khan into the custody of the Guyana Police, because Khan was in direct contact with both the President and Dr. Luncheon, more so Deputy Commissioner of Police Henry Green spoke to Khan on several occasions. Khan is staying at the President of Guyana secret emergency residence along the East Coast.

Sawh and Roger Luncheon were more so at deeper loggerheads over the Berbice failed Funding for the Fish Projects. On Tuesday last Sawh called on Jagdeo to let go of Roger Luncheon.

We Know today, that Shaw was Gun Down by Khan and his men, we know that President Bharrat Jagdeo, Dr. Roger Luncheon, and Deputy Commissioner of Police Henry Green Knew the attack was coming down.

It was Shaw who told our contact, that in a Jovial Mood Dr. Luncheon asked Henry Green several days prior to January 23, 2006, to Give Him Something for the President's Birthday, and Henry Green responded that he has a Big-One. The evening of Waddle's murder, while at a group meeting with a few of Party's Executives, Henry called Luncheon to say in a little while he's getting the Presidents Gift, it turned out to be the Murder of Guyana Journalist and Talk Show Host, Mr. Ronald Waddel.

We know by way of Min Shaw, that Khan is planning to throw the state of Guyana into a state of confusion. He Khan is planning something big on Caricom Diplomats. Khan has the money and the connection with the Chief Justice, Carl Singh. The Chief Justice, needs the terror from the Cartel to constantly intimidate those who will dare to question him the Chief Justice, on his role in the "International Child Pornographic Ring," and the connections with the Colombian Cartel.

We also know that Khan has the money and the ability to create havoc in the United States of America, by use of the PPP elements presently in the Tri-State to create, terrorist activities.

We call on Commissioner of Police Felix to immediately remove Mr. Henry Green from the Police Force.

We Call on the Department responsible for Judiciary to immediate re move the Chief Justice Carl Sing from the Bench

We call on the United States Embassy in Guyana, to immediately freeze the assets of all Officials of the Government of Guyana, and at the same time suspends their travel privileges to the US.

We call on the Governments of Canada and the European Union to Suspend all activities with the Government of Guyana.

Finally, we express sincere condolences to the Family and Friends of Min. Sawh and all those who lost their lives with this ruthless tragedy. We have lost a friend and a confidant. Guyana has lost a Statesman, The Opposition Party PNCR has lost a Good Political and Parliamentary Colleague. The Intelligence World has lost a contact at the highest level in a Foreign Government.

Hon. Leslie F. Prince