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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Roger Sawh didn't know Christmas would be the last time he'd see his father alive, but for some reason, the Guyanese Canadian felt uneasy about leaving his embrace.

That discomfort turned to great sadness yesterday morning when the 19-year-old learned his dad, Satyadeo Sawh, the agriculture minister of Guyana, was assassinated Friday in his native country.

"We hugged for a long time," said the Scarborough resident who came to Canada to study at U of T, recalling their last moments together in December before Satyadeo boarded a plane home to Guyana. "I didn't want to let him go."

The news, which Roger received by telephone in the middle of the night, stings still more, he says, because it comes hours after a phone call from his father and two days before Satyadeo was to arrive in Toronto for a visit.

"He has always been and always will be a man of integrity," Roger said of his father, who earned a bachelor's degree in economics from York University after immigrating to Canada in the mid-'70s and served as Guyana's ambassador to Venezuela in the mid-90s.