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Saturday, April 01, 2006
Killing squad may be back on the beat
Stabroek News

A killing squad may be at work again, a senior police officer said this week, as bullet-riddled bodies had been showing up in and around the city recently.

With the killing of two men on Saturday last and another during a police raid in Buxton on Sunday the number of killings so far this year have moved up to 40 in 96 days.

Police have not been able to identify the group behind the killings, which according to sources is a tit-for-tat warfare between gunmen operating out of Agricola and another squad.

The execution-style killings resemble those committed by a death squad, which was in operation two years ago. Several persons believe that the same group is carrying out the current attacks.

Speaking to Stabroek News, the police officer admitted that it is clear that targeted killings are taking place, noting that the bodies of the two men found last Saturday bore testimony to that fact. Alvin Budhram, an ex-policeman who was also a security guard attached to the Professional Guard Service was found dead on Garnett Street, Campbellville on Saturday morning. Residents said they heard gunshots earlier that morning, but it is still unclear whether he was taken to the spot and killed or was in the area. Residents said they heard the gunshots around 3 am.

Budhram, who hailed from Essequibo, was reportedly residing somewhere on the East Coast.

One hour later, George Anthony called "Goat man" of Tiger Bay was executed in Jamoon Drive Meadowbrook. His body was fished out of a trench four hours later. An eyewitness had told this newspaper that gunshots rang out in the area around 4 am Saturday. The eyewitness said when he looked out of his window he saw three men dragging Anthony's body towards the koker in Jamoon Drive. The witness said that when the three men reached the koker they started to beat Anthony with what looked like a crowbar. From all indications, Anthony was beaten in the face and his head and then kicked overboard. His killers escaped in a car. It could not be established whether Anthony had any criminal conviction, but sources said that he might have had links to criminals.

These recent killings seem to have started after the East Bank bloodbath on the night of February 26 when eight people were killed.

Devon Cambridge was picked up on the Mc Doom Public Road and later executed on Hadfield Street, D'Urban Backlands. He was accused of being part of the 15-member gang that killed MMC security guards: Sheldon Smartt, Cedric Dummet and Loris Semple as well as pensioners, Hannah Cameron and David Brummel. Assistant Town Clerk Lavern Scott-Garraway and a Cecil Duncan were also shot to death during the massacre. Following those events, gunmen, allegedly working for a rival killing squad, picked up Cambridge and executed him.

Cambridge was found with his hands tied behind his back and with several bullet wounds about his body. Police have not found his killers.

Two weeks later, five gunmen targeted George Prince of Mc Doom and in the process killed his 12-year-old step-son, Kevin Browne. Prince was subsequently held during a joint services operation.

Meanwhile, police were given the names of three of the gunmen who killed the 12-year-old, but to date there has been no arrest. Stabroek News was told that the gunmen were residents of Agricola, but might be hiding out at an East Coast location. There have been no arrests also for the eight Agricola murders, along with countless other executions, including those of talk show host, Ronald Waddell, and Christopher St Hill. Both Police Commissioner, Winston Felix and Home Affairs Minister, Gail Teixeira had expressed confidence that Waddell's execution would be solved.