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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Wednesday Ramblings
Stabroek News

5 am Saturday April 22 2006

(Dreaming) … and I hook the winning six at Bourda off the final ball against the Aussies, the crowd erupts I am a hero and suddenly seven beautiful girls fall to their knees before me in worship… mmhhh.. and they are nudging me in the back… nudging… oh please don't stop this dream… not now NOT NOW. It's the weekend let me sleep.

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD Sash Sawh murdered! Oh my god this some late April fool joke… girl don't make joke …. Is true… Nah can't be…Hold on let me call my friend…... Oh S&*$! OH MY GOD oh my god OhhhhH Myyyyy GOD…how many times am I going to say oh my god?

What is happening to this F#$%^&*! country? Why Sash? The man was a gentle giant, How did it happen? (puts on the TV) oh my god … What's Felix saying? It was robbery?

Absolute F$#%^&*! B#$%S%^&! Who the hell believes anything he says after Agricola? No way this was a robbery, and the gunmen must have known who Sawh was and they still shot him. Man this is a disaster, the government can't even protect its own ministers. What about protecting us?

Jagdeo has no clothes, all his tough guy talk on crime means nothing; look the army still hasn't found the AK-47s and that thing dead now. The police are always investigating murders but solving not one of them. And then Jagdeo has to go suck up to Felix at the police conference. Who really is in charge of this place?