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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Guyanese Funeral
Guyanese funeral arrangements...

A family in Guyana was puzzled when the coffin of their dead
mother arrived from the USA, sent by their sister.

The tiny corpse was so tightly squeezed inside the large
coffin that their mother's face was practically touching the glass

When they opened the coffin, they found a letter from their
sister pinned to their mother's chest, which read:

Dearest Brother and Sisters,

I am sending you our mother's remains for the funeral there.
Sorry I could not come along, as the expenses were so high. You
will find inside the coffin, under Mammy's body, 12 cans of Bumble Bee Tuna, 12 box spagetti, 12 Vaseline Intensive Care Skin Lotion, 12 Colgate To! othpaste, four 5 pound bag Canadian imported flour, and 12 ice apple. Just divide it a mong yourselves.

On Mammy's feet is a brand-new pair of Reeboks (Size 8) for
Papi. There are four pairs of Reeboks under Mammy's head for
Bayo's sons.

Mammy is wearing six Ralph Lauren T-shirts, one for Chun's
husband and the rest are for my nephews. Mek sure Stella sweet
man don't get none. Mammy is also wearing one dozen Wonder Bras (your favorite), all different size.

I don't think any gun fit Pauline; she bubby too big. The 2
dozen Victoria Secrets panties that Mammy is wearing should be
distributed among my nieces and cousins. Don't give Pauline
big-battie daughter any of the thongs. Ah gun send Hanes when
Jaitoon brother in law coming down fuh de races.

Mammy is also wearing eight Docker pants. One each for Neville
sons; give one to Poowah, she said she likes how they fit. The
Swiss watch Chubby asked for is on Mammy's left wrist. Mek sure you careful with it; it real.

Your loving sister