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The Guyana Legion celebrates its 80th anniversary beginning on Sunday with a series of activities.

A church service will be held at St Andrew's Kirk, 1 Avenue of the Republic from 9 am on Sunday, where Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Home Affairs Minister Gail Teixeira are expected to speak. At 4 pm on Sunday at the Legion's Headquarters a variety concert will be held featuring the Police Steel Orchestra and other artistes. A presentation will also be made to the oldest ex-serviceman, Benjamin Durant, who was born in 1918.

On Wednesday a visit will be made to the Chase's Indigent Home on Robb Street and on Friday from 4 pm a social will be held at the Guyana Legion Headquarters on Carifesta Avenue for members, dependents and friends.

The Guyana Legion is a 300-member organization of which 180 members are ex-servicemen, who served in World War 11. The average age of these service men is 76.

The Legion operates on gifts and donations from local and overseas individuals and organisations, as well as an annual government subvention and sells poppies on Remembrance Day.

In addition, the Legion is also a constituent member of the Royal Commonwealth Ex-services League and is one of 54 organisations in Commonwealth countries that share this membership.

Each former serviceman receives individual grants yearly from the league and that institution also supplies poppies and wreaths for Remembrance Day. The Guyana Defence Force and the Guyana Police force also give institutional support when necessary.