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- High Commissioner
CANADIAN High Commissioner to Guyana, Mr. Bruno Picard, yesterday said the Guyana Government has requested help from Canada to strengthen the security forces here.

He told the Guyana Chronicle the request was not specifically on the investigations into the assassination of Minister Satyadeow Sawh, and the simultaneous triple murders of his brother, Rajpat Rai Sawh, sister Pulmattie Persaud and security guard Curtis Robertson.

Referring to the Guyana Chronicle article yesterday in which Rejean Beaulieu, a spokesman for Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs said there was no request of the Canadian government to help in the probe, Picard said while this was true, the official omitted saying that the government had asked for help in strengthening local law enforcement in a general sense.

However, he said while help was not requested of the Canadians to specifically deal with the Saturday morning slayings at LBI, East Coast Demerara, help was offered to the Guyana Police Force.

Minister Sawh and the others were executed by an armed gang just after they had returned from an outing.

His brother and sister slain were Canadian citizens who were home for the one year death anniversary ceremony for their mother.

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