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… take nine gold medals in track and field
By Faizool Deo

Kevin Haynes (right) dunks head as he takes the gold in the 100 metres dash, with Kizan Brumell (left) about to cross the line for his silver medal. (Winston Oudkerk photos)

GUYANA captured nine gold medals to take total control of the opening day in the Track and field competition of the 2006 Inter-Guiana Games which commenced at the Guyana Defence Force ground yesterday.

The home team looked the favourites to win this discipline after having already compiled 175 points, way ahead of French Guiana with 123, and Suriname - the other participating country - with 73.

Last evening the home team also claimed victory in a football game against French Guiana to secure an additional three points, carrying the first day’s total to 126.

The total medal haul of the home team’s athletes was 20, since, along with the nine gold, they also captured eight silver and three bronze medals.

French Guiana finished with three gold, three silver and five bronze medals, while Suriname captured one silver and three bronze medals.

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