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Monday, April 03, 2006
From Kaieteur News

US revokes Crime Chief's visa

Deputy Commissioner and Crime Chief Henry Greene became the second high ranking police officer to have his visa revoked by the United States Embassy in Guyana .

The revocation became known yesterday when the various international carriers operating out of Guyana received notification informing them that they should not sell airline tickets for travel to the United States to the Deputy Commissioner.

The United States routinely penalises any airline that offers a ticket to an individual who does not have a visa. The penalty ranges from the cost of the return ticket of the illegal passenger to a huge fine.

Two years ago, Acting Police Commissioner Floyd McDonald became the first top ranking police officer to run foul of the Americans and have his visa revoked. His visa revocation followed closely on the heels of the revocation of the visa that had been granted to former Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj. Greene had recently ordered an investigation into the origin of a recording of a conversation that purports to be between Police Commissioner Winston Felix and Attorney-at-Law Basil Williams.

Greene has questioned a number of people, some of them named by others, who aired or had knowledge of the recording.

The US Embassy has a policy of not confirming or denying reports of decisions that it takes in relation to people. It however informs the affected people of its decision. In Greene's case it was no different.

Greene was not available for comment yesterday, neither was Police Commissioner, Winston Felix.

Whim housewife robbed

WHIM VILLAGE, CORENTYNE – Rajwattie Jairam of Whim Village, Corentyne is the latest person to suffer at the hand of bandits. The housewife was allegedly robbed at her home by three masked men carrying hand guns on Tuesday night.

Kaieteur News understands that the woman, her husband Bishram Jairam, and her mother Etwara, were sitting on the stairway of their home when the men jumped over the fence. The bandits reportedly forced the victims upstairs and dealt them several blows. In response to their demands for cash and jewellery, Rajwattie Jairam reportedly led them to her wardrobe where she handed over her possessions.

The men discharged a round of ammunition while they were in the house and as they were leaving, discharged another in the yard.

The matter was subsequently reported to the Whim Police Station but nothing was recovered up to press time. And in another gun crime Police in Berbice indicated that an attempted murder charge is likely to be filed against a farmer from Number 64 Village on the Corentyne. The victim is now a patient of the New Amsterdam Hospital .

On Wednesday morning the farmer allegedly shot a man he suspected of stealing his fish. According to the police, at around 08:00 hours, the farmer claimed to have spotted the man taking fish from his pond.

The licensed firearm holder allegedly discharged a round from his shotgun that hit the suspected thief.

Relatives of the victim rushed him to the New Amsterdam Hospital . At the scene, police recovered a cast net. The matter is under investigation.

Suspected rapist on the run

Police in B' Division are hunting a Corentyne man suspected of sexually molesting an eight-year-old. The matter was reported to police on Thursday; however the act was committed since last Sunday.

At the time of the incident the child was left at home with her 16-year-old sister and the man. The sister left home on an errand and during this time, the suspect reportedly placed a knife to the child's neck, threw her on a bed and proceeded to sexually assault her.

On Thursday, while the mother was bathing the girl, the child cried out for pain in the region of the vagina. She then informed her mother what had happened.

Meanwhile, a 32-year-old Mara resident is now in police custody after he was allegedly caught with ammunition and an illicit drug on Thursday.