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Monday, April 03, 2006

The legendary singer and composer, Sol Raye, has returned with brand new material for the "How Sweet It Is Tour" featuring his all new ensemble the Worlds End Band. In encapsulating the romance, vibes and new music he has generated over a career spanning more than 35 years, "How Sweet It Is Tour" is guaranteed to please the most discerning of listeners as well as his army of loyal fans.

Following this, he toured with the Moody Blues and then later with the legendary comic Daven Allen as well as Des O’Connor. Sol having been present at many historical music events was honored to appear in the first ever BBC colour TV transmission broadcast, of the legendary live show "BBC International Cabaret". Held at "The Talk of the Town", venue in The West End he was touted as the "King of Swing" and performed with such great acts as The Supremes, Cilla Black, Eartha Kitt and Roy Bud.

Sols career then took an unexpected turn when he was asked to write and perform a one off TV special dedicated to Nat King Cole. Producing and directing for television, such stars as the late, great Nina Simone at the Savoy Theatre raising money for Cancer Research. With a remarkably similar tonality to the late Nat King Cole; Sol has found this a gift that has both helped and hindered his singing career. Having toured the word playing Nat King Cole in the stage show "Black Heores and the Hall of Fame". His experience is not just limited to this area, but also as a fine chorister specializing in High Church music. He was invited to sing at Buckingham Palace at the Queens Jubilee Concert. In England alone: St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Althorp House, The Café De Paris and The Savoy. These high-class connections have enabled him to tour the world with his dulcet tones and it is easy to see why Sol is a favourite on the diplomatic circuit.

An accomplished singer and actor, television viewers might recognize him from the Channel Four show Desmond’s starring the late Norma Beaton. Sol played the character of Bert for six years in Desmond’s band the Georgetown Dreamers. A LAMDA trained actor, he still find time to appear in numerous film and television roles. His latest role is in "Carpet Garden Flowers", which will be releases at the Edinburgh Festival this year.

Seven years in the making, and the best work of his life, his new album "How Sweet It Is", is a slickly produced mix of old and new sounds which will warm the hearts of young and old alike, and remind us all of the timeless talent and journey man that is, Sol Raye.