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Robert Corbin

Opposition Leader Robert Corbin has issued a call for an emergency retreat of the country's political leaders to find a way to defuse the explosive crime situation facing the nation.

In a televised address to the nation last evening, PNCR leader Corbin said the murders of Agriculture Minister Satyadeow Sawh and three others over the last weekend were evidence that no section of the society is safe and he felt it incumbent on all parties to set aside their differences to safeguard the nation. "We must sit, all of us, together, in a reconciliatory environment that is driven by a common cause - the survival of the nation," he said. "Whatever, our various other preoccupations, whatever our differences, we must pause, reflect on our total national circumstance and act together... we must act together now; not tomorrow, but today," he added.

However, in this vein, Corbin lamented that a request for a meeting with President Bharrat Jagdeo to find a common approach to deal with the fallout of the Minister's killing has not garnered any response from the government. Up to press time last night there was no response from the Office of the President to Corbin's address.

Corbin explained that after a special emergency meeting of the PNCR's Central Executive Committee on Saturday, the party decided it should unconditionally reach out to the government/ruling party, to other political parties and to all the stakeholders in society, to be an integral part of a process aimed at confronting the common threat that resulted in the day's deadly developments.

As a result, by way of a letter on Saturday, Corbin informed the Head of State of his belief that the slaying of Minister Sawh had created dangerous conditions with the potential for political instability that could threaten national security and cohesion. As a result, he proposed an urgent meeting within 24 hours to formulate a common approach for dealing with all national security issues.