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Friday, March 31, 2006
Weekend Profile from Guyana Chronicle

Natoyah Fields
Tourism poster girl

This week we are pleased to present the wonderful Miss Natoyah Fields, a young lady filled with wit, beauty and a penchant for instrumental music.

According to Natoyah she is a very self-confident person; she trusts in herself and always aims to bring out the best in herself at whatever she does. Natoyah likes people who are frank with her, who tell me the truth if it’s necessary and without condition. This beautiful young lady likes travelling to exotic destinations and corresponding with people from across the world. She dislikes being around people who are always negative.

With a Degree in Tourism Studies under her belt, Natoyah said that she is currently looking for a job in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, probably eco-tourism if she decides to stay in Guyana.

She likes listening to music, mainly instrumental, her favourite musician being Kenny G. – even though in our opinion only mindless, self-promoting idiots use their last name initial as part of their of their professional hype, unless it’s Ali G because he’s cool.

Natoyah also hopes to become a linguist someday, putting her tongue to even better use. As intelligent as this young lady is, she is as down to earth as they come. She has a wicked sense of humour as well.

Our Weekend Confidential tip to THAG, and the GTA and Minister Manzoor Nadir and everybody else striving to bring more visitors to this country, you are taking the wrong approach. Instead of wasting dinero on all those glossy posters and brochures printed in Barbados as if they didn’t have enough money already, hire Videomega or some other proper local video production outfit and make a video with Natoyah saying just four words, “Come to Guyana soon.” We guarantee you that that alone will bring a thousand times more visitors than any stinking over-rated macaw can. Barbados, after all, is using Rihanna.