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Monday, March 27, 2006
Wanted man killed in Buxton shoot-out
RYAN Sutton, called “Reverend”, of Vigilance Squatting Area, East Coast Demerara, was shot dead during a Police raid at Buxton early yesterday morning.

During a cordon and search operation in the village just after 05:15 h, the Police came under heavy and sustained gunfire from a group of armed men using tracer rounds.

The Police returned fire, and later Sutton was found, dressed all over black, with a M15 rifle strapped to his back, along with a black pouch with 331 rounds of matching 5.56mm ammunition and 16 rounds 7.62 x 39 calibre ammunition.

Sutton was wanted for questioning in connection with a number of reports of murder and robbery under arms.

Following this armed confrontation, a group of women from Friendship and Vigilance squatting areas came out and began to behave in a hostile manner towards the Police. In the process, they began shouting in what seemed to be efforts to alert other gunmen to the presence of the Police.

Subsequently, another group of armed men opened fire on the ranks resulting in a Police corporal being shot in his left hip. The Police returned fire and it is believed that another of the gunmen was shot.

The injured policeman was admitted a patient at a private hospital and is in a stable condition.

During the operation, the Police searched 25 houses and six men were arrested and taken into custody, pending investigations into criminal offences. The ranks also found a quantity of medical supplies that included antibiotic treatment, bandages, gauze, dressings and foot powder, as well as six arrows, one bow, four spears, one green flack jacket, one pair of camouflage pants, one green army-type bag, one camouflage hammock, one sheet, and one camouflage jersey.

The Police on Saturday morning also mounted a cordon and search operation at Agricola and McDoom, East Bank Demerara.

Roads were blocked and female plainclothes cops helped frisk persons during the operation which lasted for several hours. Police said they searched 26 houses and arrested eight persons, including two women, pending investigations into criminal offences.

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