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Thursday, March 23, 2006
Transcript of conversation reportedly between PNCR Vice Chairman and Commissioner of Police

From Kaieteur News:

Kaieteur News presents the following transcript of the content of an audio disc that was anonymously distributed to the media and allegedly records a conversation between Police Commissioner Winston Felix and PNCR Vice Chairman and Member of Parliament, Basil Williams.

The newspaper decided to publish this transcript after careful consideration of the sensitive issues involved and having obtained the go-ahead from its lawyers.

The contents of the recording have already been widely publicised in the electronic media, and Kaieteur News would like its readers to have the same opportunity to examine the contents and make informed conclusions on the matter.

Voice 1 is purportedly that of Basil Williams, while Voice 2 is supposedly that of the Commissioner of Police.

Voice 1: Wha goin on?

Voice 2: I deh.

Voice 1: I just settle a matter with Glenn Lall wheh the Magistrate sue he fuh libel.

Voice 2: Which Magistrate?

Voice 1: Holder-Allen.

Voice 2: Dey settle it?

Voice 1: Uh huh!

Voice 2: Fuh how much?

Voice 1: Just about a hundred thou.

Voice 2 : (laugh) …(cough)… I thought y'all would'a seh a hundred million.

Voice 1: Nah.

Voice 2: Oh you settle it?

Voice 1: Uh huh. But he told me, am, how some police call him and tell him to publish how I had some problem de night deh. I had some gun story de night.

Voice 2: (pause) He tell you some police call he and tell he publish duh?

Voice 1: Eh heh.

Voice 2: Well leh he publish nah.

Voice 1: But he seh he ain't tek dem on…so I suppose he come to court and see me doin de matter.

Voice 2 : Uh hmm. Uh hmm. He pull he self together.

Voice 1 : But who police could a do dah, boy?

Voice 2: Boy, he paying a lot of people, and a lot ah people know dat he tekking stories from anyway, right, and am dey usually get into dis lawlessness.

Voice 1 : But wha angle could he take, boy? I turn up deh.

Voice 2: Banna, is anything dem people tekkin and write, police get a five, six thousand dollar and dey feel nice.

Voice 1:(laugh) Cause if he de publish dah now, he de force me now fuh respond. You understand wha ah mean?

Voice 2 : Uh hmm.

Voice 1 : Anyway, me ain't gat time with dah. You get chance fuh deal with dah matter?

Voice 2 : Which one?

Voice 1: Dat same thing about...

Voice 2: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we am, we talk about it, we…

Voice 1: Dese public thing?

Voice 2: Uh hmm. We talk about it and am, we gon refine our position about it. But cricket World Cup, you ain't gat nothing you can go in with. You can't go in with yuh gun period.

Voice 1: muffled… license or unlicensed?

Voice 2: Licensed or unlicensed, you can't carry any firearm in there.

Voice 1: We gat am…one of our studies at de thing was cricket World Cup, you know.

Voice 2: Okay.

Voice 1: De threats and stuff like duh.

Voice 2: Uh hmm.

Voice 1: Uh hmm (pause) I get it, our group…(muffled)

Voice 2: Who?

Voice 1: Our group had made a good presentation.

Voice 2: Okay.

Voice 1 :… de different threats and thing you gah look for and general objective and strategy fuh deal with dem. Yeah. Anyway I see you busy; number one seh he had to call you or something.

Voice 2: Whey he deh?

Voice 1: Me ain't know if he geh you. I tell he...

Voice 2: He come back?

Voice 1: Yeah, I told him yuh might, yuh sey you might need to talk to he.

Voice 2: Uh hmm, if I did know that I woulda set up something tonight; I ain't know he come back.

Voice 1: Yeah, he say he wanted to talk to you to see wah…(muffled)

Voice 2: He run away when all this gun play teking place?

Voice 1: (Laugh) he...(muffled)…(laugh)

Voice 2: Yuh laugh eh?

Voice 1: (Laugh)

Voice 2: (Muffled)… watch the move good, but yuh all ain't mek no statement about them eight people wa dead you know.

Voice 1: I did saying the same thing.

Voice 2: Yuh all aint mek no statement.

Voice 1: I did saying the same thing, they aint mek no statement deh.

Voice 1 : but, am…

Voice 2: Yuh all playing dangerous games.

Voice 1: No, I don't check pun da PR thing, but ah gon gaffa find out from them in the morning.

Voice 2: You all shoulda been the fus people fuh run in deh. That is a Black people community.

Voice 1: Well, boy…

Voice 2: And them criminals gone and slaughter them people in deh.

Voice 1: Well, I suppose when deh need them men nobody ain't running out (pause) you know how it go…and…

Voice 2: Yuh all should a been fuh de fust set a people…

Voice 1: And yuh ain't get the facts about wha going on.

Voice 2: People screaming…(muffled)…yuh aint want facts, is you people dead.

Voice 1: I mean, is you help me out when you seh is Ashmin them.

Voice 2: Eh?

Voice 1: You help, well, you give…

Voice 2: Banna banna, I …

Voice 1: You give me information.

Voice 2: I, eh eh, (cough) I, I deliberately…

Voice 1: I know.

Voice 2: I, I deliberately turn the thing away…

Voice 1: I know.

Voice 2 : From it…(muffled)

Voice 1: I know.

Voice 2: But now I can't do duh because the facts coming out.

Voice 1: Uh hmm.

Voice 2: So, but on in the interim, in the initial stages I…(muffled), I made a firm decision that me ain't saying nothing, but them people, I turning them away.

Voice 1: Uh hmm, I realise duh.

Voice 2: Is just dem f……g putagee and, and f…..g people want kill me because I seh I satisfy with the response and I still satisfy with it. MMC…

Voice 1: Deh ain't want pay nobody, they ain't want…

Voice 2: MMC.

Voice 1: They aint want...(muffled)

Voice 2: But hear this man, MMC security as I understand it, the… (muffled)…button go off deh quarter past ten, right? The police reach deh in less, in, in under half an hour, right?

Voice 1: Uh hmm.

Voice 2: The police decide that the officer seh hey, yuh all hold down, we going deh as one group, you don't rush into nothing, before, before, people get slaughter and all sort ah thing, but like duh is what these people want, they want…(muffled)…they want police run into the midst of gun fire.

Voice 1: MMC men guh though and, and, aint get slaughter.

Voice 2: Well dey bin deh.

Voice 1: Oh, they didn't respond?

Voice 2: No, they didn't respond, they been fuh air.

Voice 1: Oh s..t boy, that thing was rough though. boy. That was a rough day, skites. I mean you shooting a passing minibus and all them thing.

Voice 2: I gun deal, I, I waiting fuh Normal McLean and Jerry Gouveia them seh deh coming fuh tell me s…t …

Voice 1: (laugh)

I hear, I hear, I hear dey release some ah, some am, something in the paper coming out tomorrow.

Voice 1: Uh hmm.

Voice 2: Yea, and if you know how I hear about this thing, duh is why I am emphatic bout them men, you can't blame them too much, right?

Voice 1: Uh umm.

Voice 2: The Minister call me, I, I didn't record the time, the minister say hear, look, somebody call her to say look, they hearing gunfire in Eccles, if I get a report. I say Minister, I ain't get nothing yet, but when I finish talking to you I will check it out, look.

Voice 1: Ummm.

Voice 2: I call Brickdam, Brickdam say yes, we just get something and we tell this officer and the officer gone, the officer gone to the scene. The officer stop at Ruimveldt, the officer summon all them other patrols wah been, duh is he manpower he get to…(muffle)… thing the scene.

Voice 1: Umm.

Voice 2: That is a big story.

Voice 1: Uh hmm.

Voice 2: I call TSU, when I call TSU, TSU men now joining the vehicle to, to go out because, one set a people hear de thing on the radio and call them and tell them. So I want know wuh these F…..g people want. Like they want fifteen police guh and dead…(muffled)…

Voice 1: The reality ah de thing is them police banna ain't going no way whether you send them or not.

Voice 2: But hear banna, hear, hear, hear, banna, I'm saying that was not the case, I check on duh. Normally when them men hesitate to respond to anything, I would know; the word does come up the line, look, dem men didn't want go to da scene last night, right? The word does come up.

Voice 1: Uh hmm.

Voice 2: I specifically check on da after Adam Harris start talking stupidness at the press conference.

Voice 1: Um hmm.

Voice 2: I check on that, the man at Ruimveldt seh he men, nobody fuh he because he had to caution them about running to the scene. TSU same thing. So me aint, me aint know wha is this big, big thing deh talking bout and then.

Voice 1: You badda with dem banna, bai?

Voice 2: No, the PNC getting suck into the same s..t too.

Voice 1: Meaning wa?

Voice 2: Talking about… (muffled)… police response and all kind a shit.

Voice 1: Today?

Voice 2: Da ah hear at parliament today.

Voice 1: Who read da, who spoke about da? I had to leave to go to a meeting so.

Voice 2: Eh?

Voice 1: Me ain't hear da, but who spoke to parliament sehing da?

Voice 2: (muffled)

Voice 1: Don't worry with da, we gon deal with da. The point I am making to you is, is the same thing deh come out from Laurie Lewis. You understand wah ah saying?

Voice 2: Mmm.

Voice 1: But I find that you go out deh and you, you and you give (muffled) how the thing went. But I don't, I dont think anybody in this country expect unpaid policemen who are ill-equip to go to them thing, you know; y'all could say wha y'all like, this general population ain't expect da. You know putagee banna want deh could put some ah them in they, in ah sort ah special squad, and they will go and respond to them. Because from what, the account I read in the papers, wa went on deh, that skites look like was spirits.

Voice 2: Like was?

Voice 1: Was Spirits been out deh, nah human beings.

Voice 2: (Laugh)

Voice 1: Eh, no, if they want let them get a putagee squad to go out pun these scenes, you know. That thing deh was freaky, banna. The only thing that left out from deh is that them banna wasn't eating people, that them ain't eat some of them victims. Was real s....t. I don't know. Me ain't know that you could be everywhere, you could do everything.

Voice 2: Well they…

Voice 1: What kinda response they wanted, boy?

Voice 2: Well, I gon ask Norman them that and leh them tell me. You see, when they had this robbery in New Market Street, I check the thing and I see police and lil fault, me ain't seh nothing. I went quick and I try fuh sew up the ends. Well that s…t that they trying to get on with, me ain't got no time wid them.

Voice 1: But you know there's a trend happening now, people not sure who did what. Who did. Nobody ain't coming an announce they do nothing, you know. So you ain't really know wah guyin on, you know like with Waddle, nobody ain't announce and claim it. You understan wah I saying?

Voice 2: But why shoot up the gas station? That is wah I want know.

Voice 1: Well, that's a, I mean, you give a reasonable account, that it might be something to do wid oil. That he either skin up he rival or something, you know. But I, as I said, I don't know, the whole thing just look crazy. But in terms of the PNC giving a statement, I think that the PNC probably want information so as to make an informed statement. So I don't know who go in parliament and talking on the issue already. I trying fuh get what was there to talk about. We were discussing Caricom. I left deh at 4 o'clock.

Voice 2: Uh-huh. Nah I hear from the PPP side that some people at parliament, they ain't specifically, seh who.

Voice 1: Oh not, not like at the session?

Voice 2: Nah, not in Parliament.

Voice 1: Oh, like them who walking about in the corridors? Okay. So you just gotta hold…I think you did well at the press conference deh. You hold a light, you know. You gotta hook up.

Voice 2: Yeah, yeah, I gon hook up.

Voice 1: You got to hook up and, am, get a focus on what's going on.

Voice 2: Uh-huh.

Voice 1: You know.

Voice 2: But hear I think that alyuh should run in that place you know. Y'all should run in da place.

Voice 1: But you forget that me don't really check pun them things you know.

Voice 2: I know, but, am, it showing up. It showing up.

Voice 1: Me don't check pun them. Now I see another thing deh; I know that is a platoon, a platoon amount to 32.

Voice 2: (laughing and coughing)

Voice 1: I learn that pun the course. That is a whole platoon gone out deh plus one boy. I tell you. I don't know. Is certain if you want a atmosphere of fear to attend the election, it certainly is there, you know.

Voice 2: Well, you know some people don't understand, you know once you want to play wid violence, violence will have to surround you. When they go and kill Shaka Blair, they didn't expect this s…t woulda happen, right?

Voice 1: Uh-huh.

Voice 2: They run into years and months of s…t. They gone and kill f…..g Waddle now. What the f...k they expect?

Voice 1: Boy, them man head ain't good. I think they start something they can't finish, rass. Dah skite deh is rough, boy. Them banna head ain't good, boy. As I tell you the best thing that could happen now is they announce that they can't mek the election deadline.

Voice 2: Fuh wha? Fuh y'all behave bad?

Voice 1: No. If they can't mek…

Voice 2: Like y'all playing the people hand.

Voice 1: No, if they can't mek dat, they can't continue. They gatta get some other arrangement

Voice 2: They in office. They gotta get a government.

Voice 1: No. no. They life finish at the end of the five years.

Voice 2: So who is the government?

Voice 1: They can't. Them ain't got no government. The President is the only man that continue until the next person elected tek up office.

Voice 2: So who is the government?

Voice 1 : But that's what I'm saying. You gotta get a arrangement in place. Hoyte coulda extended it because he had two thirds, they don't have.

Voice 2: I know dah, I know dah.

Voice 1: So it might be a blessing in disguise for Guyana. That they gah wuk together and try and see how they can try and carry the country forward.

Voice 2: Well, you know, I tell, I tell them so a morning, I seh I bet the two a them who bruck-up come back together and start a new show.

Voice 1: Banna, even if you have an election, you think that is gonna solve problem? In this, under the old system, same system.

Voice 2: But hear, banna, hear, hear, them banna want an extension right?

Voice 1: Yeah, they want two years.

Voice 2: Righ.t

Voice 1: But they can't get no extension like dat, because them ain't got the power fuh get the extension. After they expire deh on the 4 th they ain't get no rule fuh keep them in power. The President is the only man, but them ain't get no parliament, you know, and they got to do some constitutional manoeuvering. So you got to look at forms of interim government, caretaker government, share governance what we been talking about, they got to wuk on it now. They could come together and mek decision fuh the country, you know. Cut all this violence and all this shit that going on here, and they also start the dangerous trend weh they gone and stage that thing deh the other day.

Voice 2: Which one?

Voice 1: That stage thing deh with dah other one, wha you seh was stage.

Voice 2: F…..g stage, yes.

Voice 1: Now dat thing deh sent shock waves through this country you know, don't get tie up.

Voice 2: Uh hmm. Banna, that is why I come out wid that statement.

Voice 1: Uh hmm.

Voice 2: Yeah, because I know how people felt about it and I seh that I will bust it up because…

Voice 1: That is wholly unacceptable, boy. Even the mafia don't touch family, boy.

Voice 2: Hear, hear wha these people do. Hear, hear what they do. They get Benfield fuh put up he child. Benfield been at this school whole morning wid this child. From ten past ten till almost 12 o'clock. He wife call he fuh some key. School got 10 minutes more to go in recess. He goes away and leave the child. Why not ask the teacher to take the child? Because is only 10 minutes more, is not a whole period left.

Voice 1: I agree there was no profit fuh the child stay there for another 10 minutes.

Voice 2: Good. He could have gone wid the child. He go way, look after he key, come back 15 minutes after. Some woman come and asked fuh the child by her home name. The home name is Tiffany. The teachers in school ain't know nothing about who is Tiffany. The teacher saying ‘me ain't got no Tiffany' till eventually the child answer to the name Tiffany. This child walked out wid this lady without a queh.

Voice 1: Somebody she know?

Voice 2: It look suh. So we start to investigate. Well, you know, they gon run mad and they gun run up and down. They hear the child deh in Alexander Village, they run and search da house. Nothing ain't deh in deh. They hear the child deh in Agricola. Run search da house, nothing ain't deh in deh. Well, is Green they had in a uproar, not me. Then some calls start coming through, when we check up on these calls, banna, one is in Queen Street, Shawn Benfield had control of da place. He used to live deh. While the police in deh, he turn up. The other call that we trace to D'Urban Street, a woman living in a bottom flat.

Voice 1: Uh hmm.

Voice 2: That woman.

Voice 1: He came to me, eh.

Voice 2: Eh eh.

Voice 1: Yeah. That was me clerk.

Voice 2: Well, hear nah man, Benfield wife use to visit dah woman.

Voice 1: Uh hmm.

Voice 2: Benfield wife use to. Isn't it strange that in a kidnapping the call did making from places where the mother and father got control of?

Voice 1: Uh-huh.

Voice 2: Eh? That is how kidnapping does guh?