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Saturday, March 25, 2006
The ties that bind
Guyana Chronicle
British couple chooses Guyana for their marriage
Story and pictures by Jaime Hall

GUYANA BLISS: Mr. and Mrs. Yeomans in the Botanical Gardens on their wedding day.

`Banga Mary fish and bread is wonderful to me and I would recommend anyone to come here (Guyana) to enjoy the food and hospitality’. Christopher Yeomans

Mr. Christopher Yeomans has chosen Guyana as the place to tie the knot with a Guyanese-born citizen, Medical Professional, Ms. Moureen Brown.

Their wedding ceremony took place on March 18 at Burns Memorial Church, Irving Street, in Georgetown. A reception followed at `Peppers Bar’ Water Chris Hotel, Waterloo Street, Georgetown.

The couple said they were very enthusiastic about having their wedding in Guyana because of this country’s natural beauty and the generosity and hospitality of people here.

Yeomans said he usually spends his vacations in Guyana, and while here, he would go to many rural and interior locations. He said he enjoys looking at black water creeks and going into back dams, describing these areas as “places you can’t just see anywhere in the world”.

ON BENDED KNEE: The couple at the Place of the Seven Ponds in the Botanical Gardens.

Yeomans said he enjoys a lot of Guyanese local delicacies. “Banga Mary fish and bread is wonderful to me and I would recommend anyone to come here (Guyana) to enjoy the food and hospitality”, he said.

“I have my big business in Britain and in America and I could have chosen to get married in any of those countries or wherever else I want. But for Guyana, I love the people, the atmosphere, the food, and the mosquitoes really love me!”

He said he thinks Guyana has very good tourism potential and although there are many reports of criminal activities here, he would not be deterred from making continuous visits here.

“If we had plans for the wedding to be held in England, it could not have been better”, he said.