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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Mother dies after delivering baby unaided at hospital

The Jones family of Wales, West Bank Demerara is blaming the West Demerara Hospital nurses

for the death of their daughter who was reportedly left to have her baby unaided.

Twenty-two-year-old Jamelia Hodge died at about 04:30hrs. However, her baby survived.

Speaking with Kaieteur News, the dead woman's mother, Cheryl Jones, said her daughter was admitted to hospital after experiencing labour pains.

Jones said that her daughter's husband, Quaincy Hodge, visited Jamelia at about 23:00hrs that night. This was the last time she was seen alive.

The following morning, another relative went to the hospital to take breakfast for Hodge.

But upon her arrival there, the relative was told that Hodge had died.

Rosemarie Simmons, mother-in-law of the dead woman, said she and Jones went to the hospital after hearing of Hodge's death.

She claimed that upon reaching the hospital, patients in the ward and ward maids told them that Hodge had to deliver her baby unassisted.

This newspaper understands that the young woman had called out to the nurses repeatedly but inexplicably, none went to her assistance.

One patient said when the nurses finally went to Hodge, the baby was already born and the young woman was bleeding excessively. She died shortly after.

Jones said she had pleaded with her daughter to go to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation but she refused.

She added Hodge had told her that a midwife assured her that she was in good health and there was no need for her to go to the city.

Hodge was reportedly admitted to the hospital on Thursday and according to relatives, she was in good health and good spirits.

The husband of the dead woman wants the relevant authorities to investigate the death of his wife.

He said there were three nurses on duty at the time when he last saw his wife.

“Why was it so hard for one of them to pay attention to my wife? She was in good health and I know she would not have given them any trouble.”

Kaieteur News was unable to get a comment from officials at the West Demerara Hospital .

(Kaieteur News)