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Friday, March 24, 2006
Guyana: Bandits Rob Bartica-Bound Boat
Hardbeatnews, GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Fri. Mar. 24, 2006: Four bandits pretending to be boat passengers bound for the remote village of Bartica, caused a nightmare on the Essequibo river Wednesday evening, as they hijacked the boat and robbed and marooned the 11 other passengers on a remote island.

Guyana Chronicle reports indicate that the victims included the Belle family who had just returned from the U.S. They were taken to an area called the Baboon Hole in the Essequibo River by the gun toting, maskless bandits and, tied up, assaulted and robbed of more than G$6M, which included jewellery, personal documents and clothing.

Businessman Stephen Belle, who was also among those assaulted, reportedly owned the boat. Residents from surrounding areas who responded to the passengers’ screams for help reportedly rescued the victims yesterday.

The hijacked boat was found abandoned not far from the Parika stelling, the Chronicle report said. Police are looking for the bandits who it is believed fled in a black pick-up.

Crime continues to rise in Guyana, as in many Caribbean countries as the U.S. State Department cites a rise in illicit drug trafficking across the region. Caribbean leaders also blame deportees sent back from U.S. prisons, to the region, for the rising crime rate. –