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Friday, March 31, 2006
From Guyana Chronicle...

Gunmen attack, rob vendor, others outside Stabroek Market

DOODNAUTH SINGH -- beaten and robbed

A DARING early morning robbery yesterday by five men armed with guns and cutlasses in the Stabroek Market area resulted in several persons being beaten and robbed of cash.

One of the victims, Doodnauth Singh, called Billie, from Canal Polder No. 1 on the West Bank Demerara, told the Guyana Chronicle that about 04:30 h, the usual time for him to purchase fruits and vegetables from farmers who unload their produce by the vehicle park near the Georgetown ferry stelling, he was accosted by one of the armed bandits.

He said the man came from behind and choked him, emptying his pockets of $240,000 in cash. Forty thousand dollars belonged to him and he got $200,000 from his friend Mahendra Dilshan to buy produce for him, the vendor said.

The clearly shaken Singh said after the bandit relieved him of the cash he gun-whipped on the head, inflecting several gashes which had to be stitched at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Singh said there were some people around, but they ran away when they saw the men were armed with cutlasses and guns.

MAHENDRA DILSHAN who gave Doodnauth Singh $200,000 to purchase produce for him

After committing the robbery, which lasted only a few minutes, the bandits left the scene on foot, moving toward Lombard Street.

Singh said he has been doing business for more than 30 years at the Stabroek Market but this was the first time he was robbed of such a large amount of cash. “I was robbed before, but never so big,” he recalled.

Meanwhile, the Guyana Chronicle learnt that another person in the area was robbed of his licensed firearm, most likely by the same group of bandits, and at least four other persons in the vicinity were also robbed of cash.

Vendors in the market expressed their disgust at the incident and are calling on the City Council for improved security at the market.

“People go abroad and develop themselves and in their own country they are not allowed to do so because of criminal activity,” one vendor told the Guyana Chronicle.

Gunmen strike during birthday celebration

The house where the robbery took place in the bottom flat

A BIRTHDAY celebration in the city turned ugly yesterday morning when a family of three was attacked by gunmen.

It happened at Lot 9 Seaford Street, Campbelville, Georgetown, from where bandits carted off household items after also robbing the victims of $5,500 cash and about $500,000 worth of jewels.

Thirty-three-year-old Parmeshwar Sookdeo told the Guyana Chronicle he was having drinks in his home about 02:00 h to usher in his birth anniversary.

However, when he went to his front door, two young men emerged from a nearby alleyway, pushed him inside the house and stabbed him on one hand, he said.

The duo cut the telephone cable and ordered him to sit quietly in a chair. They were joined by four accomplices who went into one of the bedrooms where one of them forced a handgun into the mouth of his 29-year-old wife, Mala, then ransacked their two-bedroom bottom flat.

The Sookdeos, as the husband spoke about their early morning ordeal yesterday

Sookdeo said, during the 15-minute ordeal, one of the bandits had a gun pointed at his head as they all demanded money and jewellery.

Sookdeo said, luckily, his one-year-old son slept through the entire incident and the neatly dressed gang took away a DVD player and a cellular phone, too.

Still suffering trauma, Sookdeo said the apparently youngest of the intruders encouraged the others to kill him and his wife but they refused to do so and walked away from the scene.

Sookdeo said this is the third time they lost to thieves, twice before in 2005 burglaries.