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Thursday, March 23, 2006
'Chapter One'

Sankar Singh, also know as Prakash was born in Georgetown, Guyana, at the age of 11, Prakash migrated to Queens, NY. Currently he is an accountant major at Queens College.

Sankar Singh, also know as Prakash was born in Georgetown, Guyana on November 1st. At the age of 17th, he took upon the stage name DJ PRAKZ. Prakz was born to two wonderful Guyanese parents who always supported and guided him through difficult situations in life. Growing up in Guyana, he was always surrounded by a wide range of music as from chutney/Soca/Indian and Reggae.

At the Age of 11, Prakz migrated to queens, NY. Currently he is an accountant major at Queens College. On weekends, Prakz dedicates himself to his music.

“Music is my first love and I do hope to pursue a musical career in the long run”, says Prakz.

NYC is where he became more interested in a more diverse range of music. He followed reggae artists such as Sean Paul and Supercat. I develop my style through people such as Apache Waria and a mixture of different reggae and soca artists.

Around the age of 17, Prakz joined the Supertones Band based in Queens, NY. Rocky, a high school friend who was already playing with the band introduced him to band leader, Avinash Singh and Band Manager Terry Gajraj.

Prakz thanks Avinash and Terry who were really the true members who gave him a chance in life and Omesh for his encouragement and everyone else who’ve been there for him. He fought his way up to a recognized artist and Terry has been truly been an inspiration to him in terms of helping and giving him a break in life.

Collaborating with artists like Terry Gajraj, Queen Yasmin and Apache Waria, Prakz finally started showing the world his talent. His first Solo Album 'Chapter One' was released in the summer of 2005.

Some of the highlights of his debut CD are the songs like Under Water (talking about the floods in Guyana) & Move Yuh Feet ( a song that has packed dancefloors throughout the US, Canada, Trinidad & Guyana). Soon after the release of Chapter One, Prakz recorded the music video to “Move Yuh Feet” which was then later followed by a music video to Under Water.

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