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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Young dad dies in `hole’ crash

BARELY two days after celebrating his 26th birthday, Mark Anthony Montouth met his death yesterday morning when the motorcycle he was riding hit a hole in a bridge in Georgetown.

Witnesses said that after the front wheel of the bike dropped into the hole in the Cemetery Road bridge, he fell and struck his head on a concrete post and tumbled into a trench.

Montouth, a father of two, of 382 Dove Square, South Ruimveldt Gardens in Georgetown, was on his way to work as a Junior Manager at Nigel’s Supermarket on Robb Street when the accident occurred.

Sharon Brown, who witnessed it from her upstairs window across the street, said he was riding over the bridge at a reasonable pace when the front wheel of his motorcycle dropped in the hole, causing him to lose control of the machine.

She said he fell and struck his head on a concrete post and then tumbled into the trench. When he was pulled up, he appeared to be lifeless, and there was a visible fracture on his skull.

Residents in the area said the hole in the bridge has been there for quite some time and they have always been concerned about it.

They said many pedal cyclists and motorcyclists have had minor accidents after riding into the hole.According to Brown, a man was hospitalised after an accident on the bridge on Friday night.

Residents said workers from the Mayor and City Council patched the bridge on a few occasions, but the hole always reappeared after a week or two.

They said the council has promised to build a sturdy concrete bridge, but this has not yet materialised.

“We always saying that they not going to fix that bridge until somebody die on it. And now the same thing happen,” Brown commented.

Relatives said Montouth had just dropped off his three-month-old son Delon at a day care centre, and was on his way to work when the accident occurred around 10:00 h.

His wife Dacie, also 26, said her husband celebrated his birthday on Saturday.

He leaves to mourn his wife, his daughter Delecia, his son, two brothers, two sisters and his mother.

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