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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Where are our heroes?

Guyana Chronicle

WHAT is going on in the tourism authority of Guyana?

The news on February 2, 2006, confirmed that this authority is using a “very popular and internationally acclaimed Guyanese singer who is making waves in Brazil” to promote Guyana.

No one in the diaspora has heard about Sach Persaud but he is described as internationally famous.

Recruiting a singer who was absent from Guyana for 20-odd years to suddenly promote Guyana is utterly ridiculous on the part of the GTA.

The tourism `experts’ are doing pure nonsense with the government’s efforts to promote tourism in Guyana.

The government and people of Guyana should not accept this ludicrous and unfortunate decision, among others, from the Guyana Tourism Authority.

Guyana needs to get real.

What about our world renowned/internationally acclaimed recording Guyanese artists like Mr Eddy Grant? What about Mr Dave Martins, who spent all of his life promoting Guyana and still does so in song, heart and soul?

How about X2 with Jumo Primo, the lead singer for the internationally-renowned Bryon Lee and the Dragonaires, and the accomplished Adrian Dutchin, the reigning Soca monarch of Guyana?

What about Guyanese Chutney King Mr Terry Gajraj? What about the vibrant Mighty Chief and flamboyant John `Slingshot’ Drepaul?

Judge for yourselves:

** Singing in Portuguese and English will enhance tourism?

** How much tourism do we get from Brazil?

** How can Dave Martins be ignored? (`Not a Blade of Grass’; `Is We Own’).

** X2 is extremely popular and is making significant waves throughout the Caribbean, North America and Europe. Where is our fairness as a people?

** Poor Mr Terry Gajraj, Mighty Chief and Mr John `Slingshot’ Drepaul -- they are at the back of the bus. Can we reward and recognise the artists who promote Guyana in real life?

Please fix this, Mr President.