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Friday, February 17, 2006
West Indian Transalations
CANADIAN: Excuse me little girl, can I fit in there?
JAMAICAN: Hey, pickney, small up youself!
TRINI: smallie, gimmeh ah pass dey
BAJAN: Scotch rung!

CANADIAN: That woman is overweight.
JAMAICAN: Lawd, look how she fat and spread out like mash bullfrog.
TRINI: Oh jeesan, dah woman realllll fat
BAJAN: You, she big as shite ya.

CANADIAN: You are such an attractive woman.
JAMAICAN: Gal you look like fresh vegetable.
TRINI: Darlin', yuh lookin' real good
BAJAN: Psssstt! My friend!

CANADIAN: I really would like for us to be intimate.
JAMAICAN: Gal, mi wan be wid you.
TRINI: Chek nah, ah wan tuh breed yuh.
BAJAN: Yuh gunna gimme piece or wha?

CANADIAN:There are a lot of men out there, that I can date besides
JAMAICAN: Tree no grow in me face ya know.
TRINI: Real men chek fuh me
BAJAN: When one door shut anudder one does open.

CANADIAN: He is such a womanizer.
JAMAICAN: 'I'm walk bout like dawg, every light post 'im si, 'im
haffi stap.
TRINI: Hees ah real sweetman
BAJAN: Heez de man.

CANADIAN: You really should get him out of your life dear.
JAMAICAN: Dat dey man jus a block traffic, tell 'im fi ease off.
TRINI: Done dat man out
BAJAN: Yuh should leff he raaaaassshole!!!

CANADIAN: He is such a kind, sensitive man.
JAMAICAN: 'im a saawfas man.
TRINI: Heez a sorfman
BAJAN: Heez a bulla!

CANADIAN: You have a crumb on your face, dear.
JAMAICAN: You look like when fowl come from mango walk.
TRINI: Yuh have ting on yuh face
BAJAN: Uh uuuh!!! Wuz dah pun you face???

CANADIAN: Oh, I see you are entering puberty.
JAMAICAN: How you face bumpy-bumpy like grater so?
TRINI: Yuh face real juk up
BAJAN: Ya face look like a ripe sour-sop.

CANADIAN: Honestly, I don't know the answer.
JAMAICAN: Ah wah you a bodda me guthole fa?
TRINI: I eh know!

CANADIAN: Hors d'heurves
JAMAICAN: Ah wah dis yah likkle sinting you a gi me?
TRINI: Wey de food?
BAJAN: Horse Derves.

CANADIAN: Casserole
JAMAICAN: Putto-putto
TRINI: Pelau
BAJAN: Cou-Cou

CANADIAN: Aeroplane
JAMAICAN: Silver bird
TRINI: Tri Star
BAJAN: Bee-wee

CANADIAN: Bank teller
JAMAICAN: Bank clark
TRINI: Big wok
BAJAN: Tella


CANADIAN: Speed bumps
JAMAICAN: Sleeping Policeman
TRINI: Road humps
BAJAN: Cheese on bread, dem tryin' tuh mash up muh rasshole,

CANADIAN: He looks upset
JAMAICAN: 'im have screwface
TRINI: Dat man real vex
BAJAN: He got ah screwpouch ya.

CANADIAN: She sleeps around
JAMAICAN: She flighty
TRINI: Real men dig dat gurl
BAJAN: Boy you, she wutless as rassole ya!