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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Waddell suspects being grilled - two more sought

The two men arrested in connection with the killing of talk show host Ronald Waddell remained in custody yesterday and were said to be under intense grilling from police detectives.

And gunfire and ganja-smoking flavoured proceedings at the funeral yesterday of Christopher St Hill, who according to reports was gunned down for speaking too much about Waddell's killing. St Hill, who was said to be close to a killing squad accused of executing Waddell, was buried yesterday at a drama-filled funeral.

Meanwhile, police are also said to be looking for at least two other men who have been implicated in the startling execution of Waddell two weeks ago in front of his Subryanville home. Crime Chief Henry Greene is tight-lipped about the two men in custody at present but Stabroek News was told that one of them is a known 'hit-man' and was implicated in other high-profile cases. Police sources told Stabroek News that the arrested men were further questioned yesterday. The sources however could not say whether the men are the suspects whose names have been handed to the police by relatives and other persons. One of the suspects is said to have had long-established links with the Police Force. It is believed that a city-based killing squad with many of its members being former policemen was linked to the execution and the police had said that they were exploring that lead.

Relatives had told Stabroek News that on the night of Waddell's killing he went through the gate, closed it and sat in his car. No sooner had he done this, a bright light appeared in front of his Subryanville yard and gunshots followed. Waddell's mother had said that he knew that he was going to be killed and was preparing for it. She told Stabroek News that her son had received several death threats and last year gunmen had showed up at his home. Several persons were liming on the seawall at the time of the incident and Minister of Home Affairs, Gail Teixeira had told this newspaper that a group of young people had flagged down a police patrol that was passing minutes after Waddell was shot. She said ranks on the patrol responded quickly and took Waddell out of his car but by the time this was done the youngsters had disappeared.

Teixeira was confident that the police would solve the murder. But the PNCR said that the track record of the police in many past murders gives no such assurance. "The solving of Waddell's murder, as well as others, is essential for the creation of a stable security environment so necessary for the development of Guyana", the party said in a statement on Thursday.

Meanwhile, gunshots and ganja smoking featured amidst wailing from relatives and friends at St Hill's funeral. Several of St Hill's colleagues of the so-called phantom squad were in attendance and they accompanied his body to Le Repentir Cemetery where a number of gunshots were fired. Stabroek News was told that the gunfire was aimed at scaring several curious persons who had gathered at the cemetery.

St Hill was found dead in his car on Sunday at Turkeyen. Relatives said the police had their hands in his death, but the force has since refuted this. Yesterday, his body was first taken to his home in Sophia, where a service was held. Some friends of the dead man smoked ganja openly and at intervals fired shots in the air. Tension was high throughout the funeral, according to reports, which forced some mourners to return to their homes.

Three men who it is alleged according to reports, had jumped into his car on Sunday and taken him to Turkeyen, killed him.

Several gunshot wounds were discovered on his body and his mother, Cheryl Browne, said from all indications he was severely tortured. When St Hill's body arrived at the cemetery yesterday afternoon, Stabroek News was told that gunmen sent mourners scampering for cover with a burst of gunfire in the air. The lawlessness continued until the police visited the scene and restored calm.

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