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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Waddell murder suspects released - Hinds a no-show

Police have released the people they were holding in connection with the execution of talk show host Ronald Waddell, but another suspect, Sean Hinds is yet to turn himself in as he had promised.

Police said they are interested in speaking with Hinds as his name was being called in connection with the murder.

Stabroek News understands that police had arrested some four persons between Wednesday and Sunday of last week. Two of the arrested persons are said to be relatives of murdered 'hitman' Axel Williams. Police also detained the men's female relatives. One of the men is also said to be a serving police officer.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that police seized a car belonging to Hinds and have been searching for him. Hinds was accused of being part of a death squad allegedly set up by former Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj. A Presidential Inquiry later exonerated the minister.

Hinds was also jointly charged with funereal parlour owner, Ashton King, with the murder of cattle farmer Shafeek Bacchus. Both he and King were acquitted of the charge. Police sources confirmed to Stabroek News yesterday that other than trying to locate suspects whose names have been mentioned to detectives there has been little progress in the case.

It was reported that on the night of Waddell's killing he had gone out to do his regular exercises and returned home around 6.30 pm. He did a few things around the house and prepared to leave again around 8 pm. Before he left the house, the relative said, Waddell inquired from his mother-in-law whether he should close up the house and she said yes. Stabroek News was told that Waddell went through the gate, closed it and sat in his car. No sooner had he done this, than a bright light appeared in front of his Subryanville yard and gunshots followed. Waddell was hit 13 times.

Stabroek News was told that a dark-coloured car took the gunmen to the scene. The car was reportedly parked on the northern half of the highway facing east and its occupants were apparently watching Waddell's movements from the seawall. According to reports, as soon as Waddell stepped into the car, the two gunmen ran across the road, stood up and opened fire on the vehicle. They then ran back across the road, jumped into their car and sped away east along the highway.

Police had expressed confidence in solving the case, although several persons, including the Guyana Human Rights Association have called on the force to seek external assistance.

Nine 7.62 spent shells were recovered from the scene. Several persons had given statements to the police, but the force is still calling on those who have further information to make contact with them.

In other developments, two persons have been arrested in connection with the murder of Christopher St Hill who was killed two Sundays ago at Turkeyen, Greater George-town. St Hill, 25, of Sophia was found in his car on the road with several bullet wounds to his body. Police have taken into custody, two brothers who were embroiled in a shooting incident last year in Kitty.

St Hill's relatives had said that the police had their hands in the man's death, a claim the police have refuted.

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