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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Time for external help?
Waddell murder probe

More than two weeks since he was killed, police are yet to find the men who murdered talk show host Ronald Waddell and persons are beginning to ask why the force seems reluctant to take in for questioning, Sean Hinds, one of the those whose name surfaced in relation to the matter.

Relatives have also said they are leaving everything in the hands of the police, when asked to comment on whether there was need for external assistance.

Police have said already that they are interested in speaking to Hinds, who was recently acquitted of a murder charge. However, despite this, Hinds continues to go about his daily life without any apparent efforts by the police to apprehend him. Reports are that ranks went to his house on Saturday to arrest him but he was not there and as such they took away his car.

Police had arrested relatives of murdered 'hit-man' Axel Williams and the men's female relatives. They have since been released, but are still required to be in contact with the police.

Meanwhile, as the police continue to make slow progress in their investigations, the question of external assistance has come up again. Crime Chief Henry Greene had told this newspaper that the police were working with whatever evidence was available to them. He said external assistance did not come up as a consideration.

Home Affairs Minister, Gail Teixeira had said that the police force had not approached her ministry for such help. She said the onus was on them to ask for external help if they needed it. Teixeira, who said that she was confident that the case would be solved, had also called on persons who witnessed the killing to make contact with the police. Police said they still needed to hear from eyewitnesses.

It was reported that on the night of Waddell's killing he had gone out earlier and returned home around 6.30 pm. He did a few things around the house and prepared to leave again around 8 pm. Stabroek News was told that it was after Waddell sat in his car that the gunmen opened fire on him. Accord-ing to reports a bright light appeared in front of his Subryanville yard and gunshots followed. Waddell was hit 13 times.

Nine 7.62 spent shells were recovered from the scene and several persons had given statements to the police.

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