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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Thanks to WGML who always come through !!
A parrot red and blue and green
Was at a farmhouse often seen
He flew about from tree to tree
As blight and happy as could be

One day the crows pulled up the wheat
And Poll too helped to pull and eat
He chatted with the farmer's foes
And did more damage than the crows

The farmer brought his gun and shot
Alas for Poll's unhappy lot
No more on high the parrot rose
But wounded lay among the crows

Bad company the farmer said
As Poll was carried off to bed
Had you not with the crows been found
You'd still have been all safe and sound

The farmer's children went to see
How Poll had happened hurt to be
Bad company the parrot said
And sadly shook his wounded head

Poll soon grew well and hopped about
And often when the children shout
He'll perch upon the nearest tree
And sadly say...bad company!