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Friday, February 10, 2006
Thanks to M'lilwana Osanku...

National Consciousness – Preserve Guyana’s Historical Materials

Recently, I was informed the National Archives was up against it. The mere thought that the historical materials were endangered sent shivers through my entire being.

Over, twenty –five years ago, Dr. Walter Rodney (1942-80), writing directly prior to his assassination in 1980, noted “unfortunately, some bound administration reports have deteriorated considerably”, on page 266 in his literature, “A history of the Guyanese working People, 1881-1905”.

There is great difficulty accessing Guyanese historical content in the USA. The holdings reveal missing issues of various newspapers, serials, and books. The Daily Chronicle for the year 1924, and the first three editions of the Who is who in British Guiana is not available in foreign research institutions. They are found in deteriorating conditions in the library at the University of Guyana.

It is criminal to allow our documented history to be destroyed. I hold those who occupied and are occupying the highest offices in the land – criminally negligent. Such behaviors are nothing short of crimes against the people and the state of Guyana - high treason.

The Administrators of University of Guyana and Guyanese scholars are not blameless in this mess. I am positive they have not done all that the possibly can to engage whomever in the effort to modernize the holdings. I believe funding must be allocated and or realized for such a worthy purpose. I am hereby calling upon the people and the state of Guyana to spare no penny in the effort to preserve our national heritage found in various research institutions in Guyana. The Government of Guyana, must act quickly and decisively to ensure all the print media are microfilmed and digitalized, immediately, thereby making them available to future generations of researchers. They must engage foreign research institutions that will preserve the materials in various formats. In fact, it is quite possible foreign currency can be realized in such an enterprise.

This is certainly not political posturing. It is national consciousness. Failure to preserve materials relative to the history of Guyana – is both, unthinkable and unacceptable. Jadgeo and his underlings must act, and do the right thing, instantaneously.