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Friday, February 10, 2006
Thanks to M'lilwana Osanku...

Africans and Indians - Disturbing Trend in Global Relationship

Guyanese have been victimized. Already, too many innocent lives have been lost. The underlying factors remain there are too much unnecessary violence in the country. Furthermore, the government is disregarding the welfare of every citizen of Guyana. Therefore, this democratically elected administration needs to be replaced, immediately, with a version more suitable of directing the future of the country in a most positive light. Such an administration must be free of bias and or counter-bias. It is possible but I doubt such will ever occur in Guyana - as the society is constituted. However, keep the faith, change got to come.

One the major reasons I have no confidence in the PPP government is they have not stepped up to the plate. They have not delivered exciting stroke play, at all. They have been sickening to say the least. It is like watching Gavaskar instead of Kanhai. What's worst there is absolutely no reason for this government to be so callous.

Again, the PPP administration has failed the people and the state of Guyana, most miserably, I might add. None in their right minds can deny this. Only a racist would advocate this type of non-sense those governments of Guyana, have been putting down and getting away with bankrupting the country. All words and deeds from April 1953 to this very day need to be explained before an International Truth and Rights Commission. Let the chips fall where they may. Off with their heads - those vampires who reduced the country to bosom buddies in poverty with the Republic of Haiti. Off with their heads - those who contribute to the blood shed in the nation - at any period. Off with their heads - those who fan the flames of ethnic insecurity and promote hostilities between the ethnic groups in the nation.

The situation in Guyana is an abnormal one. However, it has reared its ugly head wherever Africans and Indians attempt to co-exist. I can not fathom the reasons for such disturbing trend in Afro-Indo relations, globally.

Guyanese were right to assume, the PPP would right all wrongs committed by the illegal regime. However, I am very taken aback by their methods of continuing in the same manner of the Burnham-Hoyte era. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind - Benschop has become the PPP's Arnold Rampersaud - a political prisoner. It is a shame this issue has not gained international attention. Benschop, in my view, is in the same boat, today, in Guyana, as that which Mandela experienced in the Apartheid system in South Africa. I believe the military force realizes Jagdeo is a weakling, an economist at best. Perhaps, it is the acceptance that USA is the police of the world, why Jagdeo is still at the helm. There is no strong message being delivered by the PPP. The message is vivid, the PPP don’t give a dam about the underprivileged class, the very poor people of Guyana, and especially Black people of the East Coast of Demerara, and Georgetown, and for that matter Black people, period.

Those then are my primary reasons for calling for a new direction. I am not requesting handouts to any sector of the Guyanese society. I would not wish a welfare system on any ethnic group of people or nation. Who in their right mind would support a system which promotes a doctrine of poverty and dependence? No, you are out of your minds. A visitor to the USA can easily understand the effects of such as system used as part of the arsenal against peoples of African origins - keeping them in a state of bondage, and second class citizenship, captives in America. The recent hurricane damage to the New Orleans relates a clear image of the state of America. Black people in the belly of the beast are in the same boat as those of us, who exist in the so-called Third World Nations. There are a handful of extremely rich black people in the USA, but however, the majority of blacks is disenfranchised, and is in a similar position as any black person on the face of this globe. Perhaps only the Dalits and the Siddis in India are groups of black people who catch more hell than the Blackman in America.

I am advocating the Government of Guyana - place each of its citizens on equal footing. Is it the aim of the PPP to reduce the African population in Guyana to an insignificant number, and thus, a state of irrelevance? Perhaps, the aim is to create an atmosphere for Africans in Guyana similar to that, which the Dalits and the Siddis experience daily, in India. I am neither interested in rehashing the era of PNC nor revisiting the colonial experiences. I hope fellow Guyanese, realize the global black experience consists of peoples of African origins, wherever they reside, and whatever indoctrination they are suffering, awake from their sleep and slumber and finally get this - get the point. If you did not know - now you know!