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Friday, February 17, 2006
Kaieteur News...

Anything to go to the US

‘Sister' marries brother

- three charged in defrauding U.S. Embassy

Fraud charges were yesterday slapped against a woman, her son and her suspected daughter who allegedly attempted to defraud the United States Embassy into granting a visa.

Lilowtie Dinban, Annand Dinban and Latchmin Dinban, called Rita Persaud, were all charged after the US Embassy reportedly found out that Latchmin Dinban, called Rita Persaud, allegedly married her brother Annand Dinban in a bid to take him to the United States . Latchmin, called Rita Persaud, came to Guyana as a United States citizen.

Latchmin Dinban, called Rita Persaud, was slapped with nine fraud charges, while her alleged mother was slapped with two charges. One charge was instituted against Annand Dinban.

It is alleged that on May 6, 1994 Dinban, called Persaud, uttered a forged certificate of birth to an officer at the Central Immigration Office.

The United States citizen is accused of obtaining a Republic of Guyana passport on May 9, 1994 by virtue of a forged birth certificate.

Yesterday, Dinban called Persaud was charged for knowingly and willfully swearing to an affidavit on May 5, 1994, stating that she was Rita Persaud when in fact she was Latchmin Dinban.

It is alleged that on November 5, 1994, the woman swore to an affidavit of identity that she was Rita Persaud knowing that she was Latchmin Dinban.

She is also accused of being one of two petitioners on April 17, 2003 for a marriage license knowingly and willfully signed as Rita Persaud.

On April 22, 2003 with intent to defraud, Dinban, called Persaud, obtained from the General Registrar Office a marriage certificate on a forged instrument.

She was also charged yesterday for uttering a forged certificate of birth to the General Registrar Office on April 17, 2003.

It is alleged that in April 17, 2003 Dinban, called Rita Persaud, obtained a certificate of birth on a false instrument.

She is also accused of uttering a forged petition to the General Registrar Office for a marriage certificate.

It is alleged that Annand Dinban, being one of two petitioners on April 17, 2003 for a marriage licence, willfully signed, knowing that Latchmin Dinban, called Rita Persaud, is his sister.

His mother, who is reportedly Latchmin's mother also, was charged for falsely signing as a witness to her son and alleged daughter's wedding.

She was also charged for falsely declaring that she was a witness at her son's wedding when in fact the two are reportedly her children.

The Prosecution alleged that Latchmin, called Rita, left Guyana as Latchmin Dinban but returned as Rita Persaud.

She then reportedly married her brother, Annand, and reportedly attempted to take him to the United States as her husband.

It is alleged that at the US embassy here in Guyana , it was discovered, via a finger print device, that Rita Persaud was in fact Latchmin Dinban.

As a result she was arrested and handed over to the police.

In a bail application yesterday, Attorney-at-law Bernard De Santos told the court that his clients have been cooperating with the police since December last year.

“Since the first week of December my clients have been visiting the police headquarters about two times a week on this matter. They are not a flight risk. The police are alleging that Rita is Annand's sister and that Lilowtie is their mother. In fact Rita came down to Guyana and went through a marriage ceremony with Annand who is not her brother.

“They are alleging that some fingerprint is what this case is based on. My client has travelled a number of times with the same passport they are alleging to be false. When they turned up at Eve Leary on one of their usual trips, they learnt that they were going to be charged. These charges were instituted after I wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Police stating that today (yesterday) would have been their last visit to Eve Leary,” De Santos told Acting Chief Magistrate Cecil Sullivan.

According to De Santos, the Justice of the Peace who signed the petition for the marriage has also been reporting to the police on a constant basis.

He pointed out that the US Embassy has collected the American passport issued to Dinban called Persaud.

De Santos also said that Annand Dinban's passport has also been confiscated.

Prosecutor, Inspector Lloyd Thomas objected to bail for the three.

He told the Magistrate that even if bail is considered for Lilowtie, who is old, it should be refused for Annand and his alleged sister Latchmin, called Rita. Annand and his reported sister vociferously laughed at the Prosecutor's suggestions.

The Prosecutor pointed out that fraud offences are prevalent and are of a serious nature.

However Magistrate Sullivan decided to grant bail to the three.

Bail was set at $175,000 for Latchmin, called Rita, while Annand was granted $35,000 bail. Lilowtie Dinban was sent away on $15,000 bail.

The three accused live at Wakenaam in the Essequibo River .

Charges relating to the same reported false marriage were also filed against Danwattie Conchbeharry of Parika and Esther Shivsankar.

A medical certificate was presented to the court yesterday on behalf of Shivsankar who is apparently ill.

The case will continue on March 17.

Officials from the United States Embassy were in court yesterday.