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Saturday, February 18, 2006
Georgetown hospital denies blackout death claim

NOT TRUE – that was the flat denial from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation yesterday about the page one lead story in another newspaper about the death of two patients there.

The death of the two patients was not as a result of a power outage, Chief Executive Officer, Mr Michael Khan said.

He was responding to the report in the Kaieteur News which stated that the two patients who were on life support machines died as a result of the “black out.”

“The hospital wishes to set the record straight by stating that the two patients who died…did so long after the electricity had been restored by the Guyana Power and Light Company,” Khan stated.

He added that the patients were in extremely critical condition, and the power outage occurred three hours before their deaths.

“The management of the GPHC wishes to remind Kaieteur News of the Code of Conduct and Media Ethics to which it recently affixed its signature,” Khan said.

The newspaper is among media houses that have signed on to the Code of Conduct drawn up by the Guyana Elections Commission and international donors to observe basic standards of journalism for the general elections due by August this year.

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