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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Cops nab six in taxi driver shooting death - car, gun found

The two youths who allegedly shot to death taxi driver, Seerajie Singh on Friday night were on Sunday afternoon apprehended by police who were led to their hideout at Rainbow City, Linden.

Their ages were given as 16 and 17. A third man, aged 19, who, according to reports, helped organize the crime was also taken into custody. And police picked up a fourth yesterday morning at Success. A team of policemen who swooped down on them around 2 pm on Sunday arrested the trio, along with the two female teenage residents of the Linden house.

The fourth man from Singh's village, Success East Coast Demerara was picked up yesterday morning.

Police said in a statement yesterday that on Sunday ranks went to Rainbow City, Linden, where they arrested three men, two of whom are suspects in the murder committed on taxi driver Singh, at Ogle, East Coast Demerara. The statement said one .22 revolver and Singh's motorcar, which the men had stolen, were found at 47 Miles Mabura. Both the weapon and the car are lodged in police custody. The statement added that one of the two suspects has been further identified in another robbery in which a motorcar was stolen. Accord-ing to reports, around 10.30 pm on Friday, Singh was hired to do a pickup with her vehicle PJJ 3529, an AT 192 Carina, at Success. Two men joined the car and requested to go to Ogle. When on the Airstrip Road, they stuck her up and ordered her out of the car, but she refused to comply. She was then shot in her mouth and pushed out of the vehicle. The bandits then drove away with the vehicle. Police responded to the report and took the woman to the hospital where she later died.

A post mortem examination yesterday revealed that she died from suffocation. Pawn Singh, her husband, told Stabroek News that the pathologist explained to him that the single bullet that was fired in his wife's mouth punctured her lung and as a result she was unable to breathe. The mother of three will be cremated tomorrow.

Police sources told this newspaper that the attack on Singh was planned in advance. According to the source, both of the suspects are residents of Success and knew the whereabouts of Singh. Stabroek News was told that some time last week, the men travelled to Linden, where they met two teenaged girls and started a relationship with them. According to reports, the suspects told the girls they are policemen on leave and are at present working in the interior. The girls fell for them and on Friday, the men invited the women to go with them to a club in Georgetown. Stabroek News was told that the two girls and the suspects journeyed to the city and were seen sporting at a nightclub. However, later in the night, the men told the girls that they were going home to Success to collect their car and they left. They went to Success where they hired Singh, took her to Ogle where they hijacked the car and sped away. Police believe that the men might have killed Singh, because they knew she knew them and it would have been easy for her to identify them.

One of the suspects is the neighbour of the dead woman and the other man lives a few streets away from her. Police sources confirmed that the woman had indeed given the names of the suspects to detectives on her death bed.

Stabroek News was told that several persons knew the men and assisted in pointing police to their hideout. According to reports, led by a civilian, a team of policemen drove up to Linden on Sunday where they found the men sitting in the yard of the girls' home. They were arrested and they took the detectives to 47 Miles Mabura where Singh's car was found abandoned in bushes. According to reports reaching this newspaper the suspects told police that their motive was really to steal the car. They did not plan to kill the woman.

Police found the murder weapon along with two cellular phones, which Singh had in the vehicle. Her radio set was however missing. Stabroek News was told that the men said they had abandoned the car in thick bush, as they had no immediate plan for it.

According to information received, the suspects said that they were yet to find a market for the vehicle.

As regards their getaway, police sources told this newspaper that the suspects drove to Linden the same night after the robbery in the company of the girls, who were totally oblivious to what had happened. They arrived in Linden around 1 am on Saturday. Police said it would appear as though the suspects might have been involved in criminal activities before and were out to impress the ladies.

"They knew everything about Singh and they knew what was possible so they attacked her and got through," the source told this newspaper.

Meanwhile, Stabroek News was told that the men had robbed the Bel Air Petrol Station earlier on Friday night. But the source said they denied being involved in that robbery. According to reports around 8.30 pm on Friday two men armed with guns stuck up pump attendants Simone Hercules and Navendra Bharrat and robbed them of $6,000 and $5,000 respectively. They then fled.

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