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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Boys might have fired guns in Buxton - police

Four boys between the ages of seven and ten could have been the ones who fired guns during a joint police-army raid in Buxton late Tuesday afternoon.

A joint press release issued yesterday said the lawmen seized a number of items including several M70 rifle magazines and camouflage clothing.

Tuesday's raid is part of the ongoing anti-crime manoeuvre codenamed 'Operation Centipede' launched by the army and the police late last year.

The discovery was made around 4.15 pm. According to a joint press release the patrol was in the vicinity of Pond Dam when its members noticed four boys with a quantity of coconuts. The boys, the release said, were about 50 metres away and they ran in a westerly direction when they saw the patrol, shouting "De coming, de coming."

Shortly afterwards, two gunshots were heard coming from a westerly direction, then six to eight others. The patrol continued its advance and later saw two men running away from a one-flat wooden building.

Commissioner of Police Winston Felix told the media yesterday that the boys ran and hid in a clump of bushes and the first two shots emanated from that area. He said the patrol had changed tactics and instead of driving into the village chose to go on foot. The officers entered the village from the back.

He said the boys then ran away but the patrol made no effort to apprehend them as it would have been impossible, since they had a jump-start.

The joint press release said after the two men exited the building the patrol quickly established a cordon and conducted a search and found the items.

The items found were: ten M70 magazines; one M70 Drum magazine (Chinese made); one weapon cleaning kit; one M70 rifle cap cover; one M59 rifle magazine; one blue bullet-proof vest marked "Police"; eight jerseys (black, cream, orange, grey, black, white, camouflage); three green water bottles; two camouflage long-sleeve jackets; two blue long-sleeve jackets; one green armless jacket; one Brazilian camouflage hammock; one green hammock; one camouflage hammock; one black and white t-shirt; nine pants (black, white, blue and camouflage); 1/2 pair black gloves; one black stocking; three deodorants; one pair white briefs; three green haversacks; one black haversack; one blue haversack; one pair Jordon black boots; one pair military black boots; one pair black Clarks boots; one canecutter's water bag; one grey long-sleeve shirt; one tin CRC; one bottle jam; five loaves whole wheat bread; two sealed packs ringworm ointment; and one green mask.

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