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Friday, February 10, 2006
Benschop refusing meals on security grounds
Stabroek News

Maria Benschop, wife of treason accused Mark Benschop, has told Stabroek News that her husband has not eaten for the last four days because of security concerns.

She said that her husband has refused to eat his meals since he is requesting that he be able to view them when they are being handed over to the orderly. Maria said that after Ronald Waddell's gruesome murder outside his Subryanville home, Mark Benschop was able to view his meals as they were collected, but this concession lasted only two days. Maria said that Mark Benschop is fearful for his life hence his request.

Director of Prisons Dale Erskine told Stabroek News yesterday that the prison has security arrangements in place to ensure Benschop's safety and categorically stated that his meals are safe under the current system. Erskine noted that these arrangements have been in place since his incarceration.

The Director of Prisons noted that the orderly who takes Mark Benschop's meals is a "specific orderly," who has to walk about three seconds to reach Benschop. "I am convinced that it is satisfactory," he stated, speaking of the security measures in place.