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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Ammo, military gear found in Buxton

AN ARMY and Police patrol yesterday afternoon evaded gunfire from a house in south Buxton, East Coast Demerara and later hauled in ammunition and military type clothing and materials.

Officials said the soldiers and Police were shot at as they continued joint patrols to clear the troubled village which has become a safe haven for heavily armed criminals.

The patrol came under gunfire around 16:15 h and after it simmered about 10 minutes later, they moved in on the house and discovered the materials which included a mask, ammunition for high powered weapons, and Brazilian, Guyana, and NATO military camouflage outfits and other items.

The materials found were: one mask, 10 M-70 magazines, one AK-47 drum magazine, a Police bullet proof vest, a G3 cleaning kit, three military type water bottles, one M-59 magazine, three Brazilian camouflage hammocks, two Guyana Defence Force (GDF) camouflage pants, one GDF camouflage shirt, two NATO camouflage shirts, one M-70 top cover, plastic, one pair black military DMS boots, marijuana seeds and assorted civilian clothes.

The find was the first for the joint security services since they launched `Operation Centipede’ early November last year following the massive `Operation Stilletto’ in late October 2005, which saw some 400 ranks descend on Buxton but coming up empty handed, finding neither the hardened criminals, guns, or ammunition they were looking for.
The find also came two weeks after heavily-armed men surfaced in the `Gulf’ in south Buxton during the funeral procession of controversial TV `talk show’ host Ronald Waddell, who was executed at his Georgetown home.No rank was wounded in the gunfire yesterday and Police are continuing investigations into the find.

After Waddell’s execution, there were renewed calls from all sections of society for the Police to intensify the fight against criminals in the country and the governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP) had called on the Police to re-enter Buxton following reports that heavily armed men escorted the body of Waddell into south Buxton.

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